How to Get LinkedIn API Key and Secret Key

LinkedIn is a popular and widely visited network for professional connections. It is used all over the globe. For many big and small businesses, it is vital to configure this network to work for their benefit and promotion. Since the success of this network doesn't seem to decrease, take a deeper look into getting a LinkedIn API key.

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How to Get LinkedIn API Consumer Key and Access Token:

So, you are wondering how to get LinkedIn API key and secret key. What shall you start with? Normally it takes a few steps to receive the LinkedIn Client ID (API Key, or Consumer Key).
If you have a dev on your team, this will take a few minutes.
Step 1. Visit the LinkedIn Developers site.
Step 2. Choose the option 'Create Application.'
Step 3. Enter data in the mandatory form that is going to pop up next to the button 'Register new application.' Don't forget to keep the URL format like that: Mention the real company's name, describe it, upload its logotype, and leave contact data.
Accept terms and conditions after you're done.
Step 4. Click 'Submit.' This step is going to secure your API Key and Secret Key.
P.S.: Having a Redirect URL isn't compulsory when it comes to LinkedIn.
This is a short instruction for getting your authentication keys.

How to Access LinkedIn API Through LinkedIn Developers Site: Short Guide

But in case you would like to set a redirect URL, follow these steps:
Step 1. Use the

link if you use OpenCart or Magento social loginizer modules.
If you are working with other modules, make it with
That is basically how to get LinkedIn API key and secret key for retrieving data from LinkedIn.

How to Apply for LinkedIn API and Generate a New API

Now, when we briefly covered the question 'How to get LinkedIn API key?', let us see how to apply for LinkedIn API and get a new one.
Use Learning Management to perform the following actions:
1. In Learning Management, click 'Me.'
2. Choose 'Integrate.'
3. In the dropdown menu on the left, select 'Access content and reports via API.'
4. Go to the 'Generate LinkedIn Learning REST API Application' and choose 'Add Application.'
5. Enter the unique Application name and provide a Description.
6. Choose one or a few keys (Content or Report).
7. Click 'Next' and accept the terms and conditions.
Ok, what follows these steps? How to get LinkedIn API key? How to get LinkedIn consumer key and access token?
After this, the Client ID and Secret tokens are going to appear automatically. They will be available in the Application section.
We hope this article has managed to explain how to get access token for LinkedIn API and how to generate LinkedIn API key. So now, your team can feel free to manage LinkedIn API since you know how to access LinkedIn API.