Facebook Photo Scraper: What Is Facebook Scraper and Its Purposes?

Facebook is much more than just a platform for communication and information exchange. For millions of businesses, it is a door of opportunities for connection to clients and audiences, as well as an instrument for promotion. That is why it is home to many brands.

The first thing to know about Facebook photo scraper or crawler is its ability to extract and download data from Facebook without having to use the official API. The data that it lets you retrieve includes:
  1. Address.
  2. Like and follower counts.
  3. Images.
  4. Reviews.
  5. Coordinates of geolocation.
  6. Company website.
  7. Traffic data in the region.
  8. Awards.
  9. Payment methods available.
All in all, you can get all publicly available info. So why use Apify's Facebook photo scraper if it all can be extracted with the API? The main reason is to bypass Facebook's strict limitations and avoid getting your API key blocked.

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Scrape Facebook Photos from Facebook Pages: Where to Find Scraper

Now, to scrape Facebook photos, one needs to follow these steps. First, go to the Apify platform and find the ready Facebook scraper. Next, find Facebook Pages scraper among other tools in the Apify Store (go to Console - Apify Store).
  1. Check if the target page is a page, not a profile.
Append /pg/ before the username, and if it's a page, you will be directed to the page. You'll see a broken thumb message ('page not found') if not.

2. Check the country.
Once you make sure the URL is a page, check the layout. Use Apify Proxy to find out the page location.

3. Create a Task and visit Facebook to see the scrapable data.
Since your focus is photos, type in the address with the following ending: In the new Task, click 'Add URL' and paste this URL. Choose 'Save and run.'

Wait for the Task status to change to 'Succeeded.'

4. See results in the Dataset tab.
This section is going to contain your data in many formats: HTML table, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and RSS feed. Check them out by clicking 'View' and 'Download.'

How to Scrape Photos from Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide

Once you scrape photos from Facebook, they can be shared and uploaded. So, as you can see, it is easy, free, and quick to scrape Facebook images and have them at your disposal.

Similar Functions to Scrape Facebook Images: Capabilities of Facebook Profile Scraper

Besides being able to scrape Facebook images and save them on your computer, the crawler tool can retrieve various data. One can try using Phantom Buster or Facebook scraper by Beight Data to scrape photos from Facebook too. There is always more than one way to scrape Facebook photos and get what you need but keep in mind that these methods may require some coding experience.