Twitter API Location: Ways to Filter for Specific Location

Working with Tweet data opens up opportunities for accessing two groups of Tweeter location data:

1. Tweet location.
This data is only available if a tweet author enables other users to see the tweet location every time one is published. In other words, people on Twitter can specify locations for each tweet.

With Twitter API location of tweet, it can be tracked, and nearly 1-2% of tweets get geo-tracked.

2. Account location.
This info is based on a user's location in the public profile as their home place. This field is optional to fill in, so there might be the location mentioned or might not be.

Since this data can be tracked with the help of Twitter API location, tweets and users can be geo-tagged. A few ways are available for filtering tweets by tweet-specific location data. The presence of profile location info is 30-40%.

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How Is Twitter API Geolocation Marked on Twitter?

Tweet-related data is divided into two categories:
Tweets with longitude/latitude points
Tweets with Twitter places
The exception is the deprecated geo attribute: it is marked vice versa (latitude/longitude). In the case of using the PowerTrack tool to track location with Twitter API geo, the format is only longitude/latitude.

How Is Twitter API Geolocation Marked on Twitter?

You can use several methods to extract geographical location information from Twitter:
1. The has:geo operator.
Filters for tweets with point coordinates and Twitter places.
2. The place operator.
Seeks tweets with a particular location or the ID of a Twitter place.
3. The point radius operator.
Helps you to narrow down your search according to a circular geographical area and filter tweets published from this area. Still, the biggest radius of a territory circle is 25 miles with the defined central point.
4. The place_country operator.
Filters for tweets matching the characteristic known as ISO alpha-2 (two-letter country codes).
5. The bounding_box operator.
Like the point radius operator, it lets you define a particular area and filter for tweets arriving from it. The only difference is that this area now takes a box shape.
That's how you find Twitter API geolocation of tweets.

Twitter API Location of Tweet

Based on what info users indicate in their profiles, you can use Twitter API location to access most simply the user.location attribute in the user object of JSON.
1. The has:profile_geo operator.
Filters tweets from users who mention the country in profile location.
2. The profile_region operator.
Allows you to match regions to tweets from users in string format,
3. The profile_locality operator.
Filters for tweets based on particular user location.
Other tools are also available for Twitter API location data. For instance, the bio operator and profile_subregion operator search for locations in profile descriptions or filters by country or metro area.
Otherwise, do it with these tools:
Search more to find out 'How exactly can Twitter API get location of tweet?' and how to configure Twitter API geolocation. Twitter API get location of tweet, and the profile will be available to you with the right API settings.