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Today, TikTok is much more than just a social network full of funny videos. It is a powerful tool for your company that works in two main ways. The first one is to use your TikTok account for a business, like many others already do. The second way is to research the main trends, opinions, and opinion leaders that are popular on TikTok.

For the second way of using TikTok in your business, you may need special tools to scrape TikTok that will provide monitoring and data extraction from the ocean of content produced in TikTok daily. One of these tools is Tik Tok Scraper, the service or an app that helps with data search and extraction, including getting video, comments, followers data, and almost everything that may come in handy for your business goals.

Why do you need to scrape TikTok data

The essence of TikTok scraping is in the volume of valuable data you can get from that social network. Just imagine that millions of Internet users produce content for TikTok. With TikTok scraping, it is promising for each business to get the most valuable information as follows:

  • The metrics of an average TikTok user interested in some special accounts (maybe, yours is in that list).
  • Main trends in each stratum of TikTok shares.
  • Thoughts and ideas that are popular on this network.

Scraping TikTok is a helpful activity for lots of situations. Let's take a brief look at them. You may be interested in TikTok scraping for the following reasons:

  • When you are engaged in social media listening and monitoring, TikTok scraping will help you to gather the information you may need. The main intention of each TikTok scraper tool is to be effective for social listening goals. 
  • With the help of TikTok scraper, you can get information about opinion leaders whose targeted audience is similar to yours to engage them in your company/product/service promotion.
  • For social-based projects, the investigation in the field of TikTok audience is also significant.

We can conclude that TikTok scraping is handy for Social Media Listening, Social Media monitoring, and Social Media Intelligence dashboards for database extension. For a skilled marketer, scrapped data from TikTok can be the launchpad for developing an effective marketing strategy and lead generation. Even more, this data value is high enough for the overall concept of the business.

What tools to use to scrape TikTok data

Manually scraping TikTok data is not a good idea, as there is often a need to parse thousands of profiles. For this, special tools can come in handy. There are two main tool types for TikTok data scraping. They are as follows:

  • Online scrapers right from the web.
  • TikTok data APIs.

Web TikTok scrappers

These scraping services that may help you to extract the content needed from TikTok are mainly scrapers offered by proxy providers. With them, TikTok data scraping seems easy enough, yet, the drawback of such solutions is the amount of data received. Here are some of the advantages to list:

  • Sometimes, they offer a feature-limited free version and to use a full-fledged version, you should subscribe to it, which means paying for its services;
  • Some of them allow you to parse TikTok data from the web application, not only mobile;
  • They can provide data in multiple formats, including TXT, JASON, Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

TikTok data scraping tips

Another option you may appreciate when you need to scrape TikTok is an API-based solution. There are also several big fishes on the market services with API to use when parsing TikTok. There are no less convenient yet more affordable and functional TikTok API scrapers. With their help, you can easily collect data you may need: from user IDs to likes and views of some videos. All the data are cleaned thoroughly from unnecessary info, and you get it optimized clearly and saved in a format you need for further analyses.

For considering the convenience of the API scraper, let us guide you through the most effective technology in the field nowadays. That is a Python scraper.

Python-based TikTok scrapers that are among the most accurate solutions due to the peculiarities of that coding language. Python scrapers are considered the most effective, and combined with the Selenium scraping library – they offer significant results. Not all scrapping tools use Python since some prefer to base their scripts on JS and Node JS frameworks.

The data you can scrape with Python API tool

At first sight, it seems to determine data types that can be collected from TikTok is hard. Yet, there are several plane types of data you can get using scraping tools:

  • TikTok titles from all users, which are published for a broad audience.
  • User ID to collect your own database of active users.
  • User's bio information if it is available on the site.
  • Popular hashtags to analyze for your purposes.
  • The pool of followers of a definite profile. You can scrape TikTok followers of top TikTokers to highlight the audience and underline its portrait.
  • URLs of some videos published on TikTok.

Besides, for most custom scrappers, the information from comments, likes, and video views is also available.

Alternative API Solutions

The Data365 Social Media API provides an easy-to-use Python-based solution. The tool allows you to seamlessly collect key public data formatted to meet your analysis needs. All you have to do to get the data you need is send requests, without having to write any code. This ease of use is especially beneficial for customers with limited programming skills, making it easy to gather public data and other social media insights. 

Please, pay attention that protecting user privacy is a priority, and Daat365 only extracts publicly available information. It's notable that while the API facilitate data access, users must handle all data obtained in accordance with GDPR principles and regulations.

Contact the Data365 experts to learn more about the features and how it can be applied to your project.


Scrapping TikTok can be very beneficial because it is a collection of statistical and sociometric information from one of the most popular social networks in the world. To successfully get TikTok data, you need to make an effort or choose a reliable toolkit. Experienced web developers and coders prefer to write their own scraping scripts, but if you are involved in marketing or social projects, this is not your choice. It is much more efficient to choose a convenient and plane scraper API. 

In case you are looking for the tool to retrieve public data from social media, then take a closer look at   API by Data365. Just contact the live support to learn more about the solutions and its features.