Data365 LinkedIn API Pricing and Cost: What You Should Know

When it comes to dealing with the API, two key questions arise. First and foremost, how to access the API and optimize its functionalities effectively? No worries, our comprehensive LinkedIn API tutorial addresses these concerns and provides the guidance you need.

Secondly, cost may be a significant consideration. LinkedIn API pricing can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. In this comprehensive guide, we explain the different factors of the LinkedIn API pricing, so that you understand how to calculate the LinkedIn API costs. We also cover all the nuances and aspects of usage restrictions and LinkedIn API rate limits.

LinkedIn API Price: The Main Features and Pricing Packages

Data365 offers a simple pricing model without any complex subscriptions. The LinkedIn API cost depends on the amount of LinkedIn data you would like to obtain. You should pay monthly for the next month. Every month we will send you an invoice based on the tariff plan you have chosen. You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.
Data365 Pricing Packages Overview
Data365's Pricing Packages are designed with you in mind, offering options to fit various project sizes and aspirations. All left to do is to choose the pack that fits your needs.

Basic Package
The base price for our LinkedIn API is €300 per month. This plan is perfect for small-scale projects or those in their early stages of development. The Basic Package offers a solid starting point with 500,000 mentions per month and access to data from one social media platform, making it an excellent choice for projects with a primary focus.

So, with 500,000 mentions at your disposal, you have the various options for data retrieval including but not limited to:
500,000 posts without comments, gaining comprehensive insights into post details;
100,000 posts with all comments, helping you understand user engagement and interactions on a more personal level;
25,000 social network user profiles and 55,000 posts with comments to analyze your target audience;
Search by hashtag or keyword every day for a month and retrieve 100,000 posts with comments, for example, to analyze brand perception, whether there is negative feedback or false information.
Standard Package
This plan costs €850 per month. Designed for projects with moderate to larger data needs, the Standard Package takes your data capabilities to the next level with 1,000,000 mentions per month. You'll gain access to data from up to three social media platforms, expanding your data sources for a more comprehensive approach.

There are plenty of options to opt for with 1,000,000 mentions available per month, for instances, you are free to choose from:
1,000,000 posts without comments, providing a wealth of information for your analysis;
200,000 posts with all comments, offering insights into user engagement on a more intimate level;
37,000 user profiles from each of the three available social networks;
Search for a hashtag or keyword daily for a month and retrieve 66,000 posts with comments from each of the three available social media platforms to gauge how the brand is perceived and whether there is negative feedback or fake information across multiple platforms;
Search by hashtag/keyword every day for a month and retrieve 332,000 posts without comments from each of the three available social networks.
Premium Package
For projects with unique requirements that do not fit within the predefined packages, Data365 offers the flexibility of a custom pricing plan. This allows you to precisely specify your desired data volume, ensuring you pay only for the data you truly need.

So, this is the Premium package designed for large-scale enterprises or applications with significant data requirements. Tailored for projects with large data requirements and complex applications, the Premium Package offers up to 100 million mentions per month, providing unrivaled data coverage. You'll have access to data from up to five social media platforms, ensuring comprehensive functionality to meet all your needs.

LinkedIn API Cost: Mentions and Calculation Procedure

Let's start with a detailed look at the indicator "mention" and define what it means.
Mention is a term used for accounting for the requested data. You can check more detailed information about Mention and its meaning for each data type on the API mentions quota page. Here we also give a couple of counting examples.
First example: let's say you requested to download a data of LinkedIn members and 100 posts (including activities) with comments:
Request cost will be approximately 9 + 100 * 5 = 509 mentions
9 is the cost of member data
100 is the number of posts
5 is the cost of a post with 50 comments (1 mention per 10 comments)
If the LinkedIn member had only 40 posts and no comments, then:
The estimated cost of the request will be 9 + 40 * 1 = 49 mentions
9 is the cost of member data
40 is the number of posts
1 is the cost of a post without comments
Second example: suppose you asked to find 80 posts with comments, then:
The approximate cost of the request will be 7 + 80 * 7 = 567 mentions
7 charged per search query
80 is the number of posts
7 – the cost of a post with 70 comments
If only 50 posts have been found, 20 of which had no comments, and 30 posts had 60 comments per each, then:
The estimated cost of the request will be 7 + 20 * 1 + 30 * 6 = 207 mentions
7 charged per search query
20 * 1 is the cost of 20 posts without comments
30 * 6 – the cost of 30 posts with 60 comments
To assist you in estimating costs tentatively, we provide a mentions calculator. By inputting specific details such as the desired social media platform, features, number of keywords or hashtags, and data points, you can calculate the approximate monthly mentions volume. This calculator empowers you to optimize your API usage and select the most suitable package for your project.

LinkedIn API Rate Limit and Key Restrictions: What Are They?

Rate limiting is a crucial component of API scalability and Internet security. To provide our APIs as efficiently as possible, we enforce a limit on the number of requests for users and the quantity of data they can consume.

Data365 LinkedIn API limit on the amount of data in 1 request is:
Data type
Posts per profile
up to 500
Posts per search
up to 300*
Comments per post**
up to 500
Profile per search
up to 1`000***
* a number of posts returned by the web version of LinkedIn. You can increase this number by configuring the auto-monitoring function and sending requests with various parameters (for example, date_posted - filtering by publication date).
** usually you can get all the comments on a post, except for posts with high activity.
*** searching for Linkedin members is limited to 500 searches per day by default. An increase is possible, but it is discussed separately, in terms of volumes.
But you should also keep in mind our LinkedIn API rate limit: you can get up to 100 such requests per second. The time of response depends on the amount of data in the request and usually is within 1-5 minutes. LinkedIn API restrictions are needed to increase security, business impact, and efficiency.
We can conclude that with the Data365 LinkedIn API, you can choose a price policy that fits your needs the best. Yes, Data365 LinkedIn API pricing is designed to cater to projects of all sizes and complexities. Whether you choose the Basic, Standard, or opt for Premium Package, you can be confident your data retrieval needs will be met effectively. Our mentions-based system simplifies calculations of the LinkedIn API cost, and the mentions calculator empowers you to explore the best package for your unique requirements. Contact us and get a free trial of the Data365 API today!